Method: HiPose-CVPR24

User LinYongliang
Implementation Pytorch,
Training image modalities RGB-D
Test image modalities RGB-D

Setting: One network per object was trained 2D Bounding Box: Default detections of 2023 Modifications to the original HiPose paper: None List of contributors: Yongliang Lin, Yongzhi Su, Praveen Nathan, Sandeep Inuganti, Yan Di, Martin Sundermeyer, Fabian Manhardt, Didier Stricker, Jason Rambach, Yu Zhang

Computer specifications 13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-13700KF, Nvidia RTX 3090

Public submissions

Date Submission name Dataset
2023-12-11 07:16 PBR LM-O
2023-12-11 07:16 PBR T-LESS
2023-12-11 07:17 PBR YCB-V